681st Annual BCU Student Safety Weekend

“Safety: Not just a word – a way of life!”

Once again Tom Parker, Chris Eastabrook, Adam Dumolo and myself headed northwards in hope of some exciting Easter white water and the opportunity to impart some of our wisdom on some of the sport’s finest young minds. And this year we were fortunate to have the aditional assistance of Sara James and Luke Farrington.

Chris Eastabrook demonstrates which direction he wants throwlines to be thrown.

The first day – a day of much swimming around in cold water – was much more bearable than last year when Easter arrived a month weeks earlier. Much fun was had body-surfing holes and pulling each other out of the river.

Steve Brown tests out his club’s new favourite boat (The Karnali) on some good class 4/5 rapids.

There seemed to be a lot of ‘personing up’ from this year’s selection of student boaters. Having all our clients running the gnar (And often very smothly) lay down a real challenge for us coaches to put our money where our mouths were…

Matt Haydock (Leeds) observes Claire (Birmingham) as she persons up to run some gnar. Confident of his line, Matt fires it up himself shortly after.

mach zehnder modulator

Emily Bayne tries to conquer her fear of falling on the Etive.

…perfecting that flare on the 3rd drop of ‘Triple Step’.

I opted to test the Karnali‘s ability to boof comfortably, as this textbook ‘right-angle falls’ photo illustrates. Conclusion: comfy.

Back at the ranch, the team keep their minds fresh by partaking in some late night problem solving. Unfortunately no one was able to pick up a seduko on Good Friday… so buttering Matt and Sarah out of the stairs had to do.

For me: Special study is in and there’s ony a few more weeks left of my PGCE. Summer plans are formulating – watch this space!

For more information about BCU Student Safety, visit: www.bcustudentsafety.com.

Photos by Max Bilbow and Emilty Bayne

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