A Day in The Life of Juma Kalikwani

If you care about the developing world, you don’t have to do much; watch, maybe read, and then share.

Day in the life of Juma is not about rafting on the source of The White Nile (Jinja, Uganda).

It is about how one industry has effected Juma Kalikwani’s life (Over the last 15 years) and allowed him, not just to live a good life, but to pursue his dream of becoming a talented musician.

This has a tremendous effect on Uganda’s social and economical development.

But you have to ask “Why is this important?”. And by answering that question, by seeing the big picture, you will understand what a developing country really is.

The first track is by my Ugandan friend, Ssuuna Matthias.

The second is by Juma himself.

Big thanks to Izzy Bruno, Colin Wong and Sam Ward for helping us out with the cinematography.

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