Max’s Belated Altai Report!

So over the past seven months I have been trying to pass my induction year as a newly qualified Maths teacher. As a result of this –  in the seven Months since I returned from Russia – I have been burning the candle in a particularly inefficient way.

I have there for decided that I will not likely find the time to write an appropriate story to accompany the following photos.

However there will be more detail available for those of you who are following the development of Means of Production 2:


New trailers will be available, in the near future, that will include footage from The Republic of Gorgia, Vietnam, Mexico, Iceland, Corsica and a couple of undecided destinations.

A waterfall on a brilliant little tributary to the Choosman

Anton takes a break

I can’t remember where this is but it looks fun. That’s Anton before he broke his Diesel.

The walk out of the Choosman valley is almost worth it for this view. However we would have preferred Vasilii’s van to have been able to drive us all out!

Kostya is still learning the meaning of ‘homoerotic’.

If you’re fed up of walking, you can always paddle the scrapey tree-infested source of the river… not all boats will make it down intact.

A can’t remember what river we’re driving to. It was a 5 day trip and seemed bigger than the Zambezi at points! I just can’t remember what it was called.

Our modest camp on day 1.

Ivan and the Gray Wolf: my first Russian book… I’m still reading it.

Watch out for potholes!

Another fun rapid on the choosman.

However I had to walk out after cracking my ribs on a awkward seal-launch.


Anton on the earlier mentioned waterfall.

After which it is necessary to portage the 35 metre fall that lands on rocks.

The above picture is from (probably) my favorite river in Altai: The Majoy Gorge.

It starts of with 10k of continuous, and slightly crucial, class 4-; this brings you to a short inaccessible class 5 canyon (portagable) leading into 10k of 4+. Brilliant.

And this I believe is an angry fish.

Top Tip: Write you blog entries as soon as you can; not seven and a half months later!

Coming soon (really): Some vaguely exciting waffle about our recent jolly in Corsica.

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