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Pro-Crastinate v0.5.x

Looking to avoid mostly anything at all? Or just want to experience the most realistic procrastination simulator on the market? Then you've come to the right place.

Not only with you experience what it feels like to waste time, as if you were actually doing it for real, but you will also get an education as to how that time might have been spent.

Warning: Sense of irony required.

irony (definition)
- noun: Made from or like iron.

New to v0.6

A whole host of "under-the-hood" optimisation that enables you to waste time like never before!

- New Game Center Achievements
- New hidden easter eggs
- BIG Time!
- Too much time.
- Bug fixes

Coming in v1.0:
- Many more things you could've done
- Ability to submit your own suggestions (for things you could've been doing).
- Some genuinely educational factoids...
- A few more hidden easter eggs

Coming in later versions:
- Even more mystery and wonder.
- Play online with friends!

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Eventually you'll be able to do this in-app but feel free to help improve the game: Submit an activity.

Please bare in mind that without having played the game properly, the above link will make little sense to you.