Filming has officially begun and it’s A Dam Relief

So now that we’re all set up, and finally beginning to put people on payroll, we can show you some behind the scenes shots from three of our ‘nearest to completion’ videos.

Impact of the Bujagali Dam

Last week we were lucky enough to get a full tour of the dam, taking pictures and videos as we please.

Above: 5 turbines. As of last week, 3 them were running on full capacity: 50 megawatts (see below).

In a few weeks time, all 5 turbines will be online and the dam construction shall be in the ‘cleaning up and looking pretty’ phase.

I was pleased to see how well organised the construction was and how well it is safeguarded against failure. If anything should happen to one turbine, the remaining 4 operate completely independently.

The systems control room, run by trained Ugandan staff, will pick up any abnormalities and malfunctions, all recorded in milliseconds, so that the original fault can always be traced.

We interviewed Emmy Beraho (Bujagali Energy Limited’s Social and Environmental manager) about BEL’s social and environment responsibility projects (video coverage coming soon).

As we all know, hydroelectric dams change the local environment and it is essential for BEL to put back more than they take out during the dam’s construction… and, as we investigate, I am certain they have done so.

A Day in The Life of Juma

Juma is one of Nile River Explorers’ most seasoned head raft guides. This video is not about rafting; it is about Juma and the life he lives because of the opportunities the tourism industry has given him to grow.

Not just as a raft guide; as wel as being a professional in his field, and commander of a large team of Ugandan coworkers, he has used his earning to pursue (successfully) a part-time music career… more on that later.


But in addition to all this seriousness, we are experimenting with creating more viral videos – the above focussing on the behaviour of the household Ugandan ant. More on this later.

We are working with Juma and two other Ugandan artists (Ssuuna and Artha) to come up with a unique sound track to ‘A Dam Relief‘ videos.

We also intend to hold a massive outdoor music and comedy festival in Jinja, June 2013. (Jam Relief)

Keep watching!

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