Hero Boating on The Moon 3

The Moon is a section of a river called something I can’t remember and is located somewhere between Voss and Sjoa, high up on the hills.


There are a couple of OK clean easy drops and a few that are less clean. It’s all terribly cold and snowy and almost not worth getting changed for! So why bother? Because it looks great on camera and we’re heroes!


Tim Trew (above) suggested we go all out and run it in skins. After a bit of hustling we managed to convince each other it was a good idea. All very heroic.


That’s me (above) in the essential Moon shot. The drop above is a straight forward auto-boof. The one below is a bit less preferable; elbow-pads are advisable.


Nick Horwood (Above) makes the boof into the pool; a very photogenic shot that features on Jens Klatt and Olaf Obsommers’ Norway river guidebook.


But perhaps most fun of all, the event that makes it all worth while: The snow-boaterX into the river. Tim and I (above) racing down the slopes in true comedy fashion. Just try not to land too close together! See the full photo sequence here.


And what better than a full-on rain storm to finish the trip and ruin a perfectly good team photo! From left to right: Me, Nick and Tim.

Photos by Nick Horwood

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