If you have nothing nice to say…

Disclaimer: Strong language to follow…

A rule that I try to live my life by: If you have nothing nice to say then please just shut the **** up. You are not contributing to the intellectual evolution of the human race; you are just inflicting your miserable attitude on other people who are trying to brighten your day.

My close friends will, and often do, complain about the amount of irrelevant information I post on Facebook. That’s fine; give me the criticism and I will listen. If it really bothers you, Facebook has given you many ways of unfollowing those information streams that are irrelevant to you.

You can also comment and complain publicly below posts that offend you.

Free and open discussion have driven evolution of human consciousness since the very basic beginnings in language.

Therefore: if your beliefs and morals are challenged, you are forced to either ignore the challenge or join the debate.

Adding a ‘DisLike’ button to Facebook posts will give people the ability to cop out of the debate. When you do this, your views go unheard. When opposing views go unheard, there is diminished opposition to the idea that offended you.

Case and Point?

Last week I shared a image that popped up on my Facebook timeline. For obvious reasons, it offended my elderly Jewish grandmother. See the following post and discussion:

Now… if she had the option to ‘DisLike’ my post, I would not have thought about why I offended her and the discussion that followed would not have happened. Whether you like it or not, discussion is the key to a free and open society. Discussion is how we learn how to understand each-other and get along.

Nan – I am sorry I offended you. I realise that, for you, this hits you hard on a very personal level and I understand why. But there are many young people who know nothing about the holocaust and this may be the first thing to ever get them thinking. That is the power of comedy.


I am not even going to waist time going into detail here. It should be obvious that cyber-bullying is always going to be a problem for youths. So seriously – to all you miserable bastards out there who want to create another way for us to all gang up on those who do not fit in with what we think is “right” – get your heads out of your backsides; ignore, unfollow or discuss.

By clicking ‘DisLike’, you forfeit your right to have an opinion.

Rant over… Smiley face. LIKE.


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