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A Norwegian Odyssey interspersed with adventures from around the globe.

Follow Max and his friends as they tackle the gnar from the glaciers of Norway to the jungles of Madagascar.

Jam packed full of action and humour; narrated by television's own Tony Bilbow.

"Great show; humor and tons of holly white water batman action!" 
...Olaf Obsommer, Big O Productions

"...a fantastic DVD well worth the money"
...Adrian Tregoning, Playak. Read the full review.

"Quality production dude, really well put together. I grew up watching surf/skate vids with my mates and this reminds me a lot of those. The narration has a certain Mr Men vibe, which is definitely a good thing. It's an entertaining movie even for a non-kayak enthusiast... oh and the music is top drawer too, obviously ;)" 
...Danny Pig

Music by
* Ugly Duckling
* The King Blues
* Hurricane Sunday
* The Dub Dentist
* Danny Pig
* Frank Turner
* Kae Sun
* Andy Walker
* Screaming Citizens
* The Restaurant

"Athletes": Max Bilbow, Tom Parker, Nick Horwood, Sam Ward, Tim Trew, Luke Farrington and many more...

Locations: Norway, Uganda (The White Nile), Zambia (The Zambezi), Italy, Nepal, Madagascar.

Production: Max Bilbow

Year 2008

Language English

Format Widescreen 16:9 PAL (NTSC available in the US from April 2009)

Duration 46 minutes (approx)

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