Norwegian Odyssey 2008

We’re finally back in the land of waterfalls, expensive beer and cheap Jam.

After touching down in Oslo, a long train ride to Otta, and a bit of a warm-up on The Aamot Gorge; it was time to pick up the clients for the second Liquid Satisfaction / Tom Parker Coaching Norwegian adventure.

Ruth Loeffler running the first drop on Stor Ulla

From big volume class 3/4 to the tight technical slides and drops on the Upper Ulla, the course covered technique, safety and leadership on the fabulous range of white water which Norway has to offer.

Emily Bayne on Ulla Slide number 2

Learning how to slide using laterals, waves and cushions effectively is fun whatever the weather.

Max demonstrates the cautious line above the Class 6 waterfall on the Lågen Canyon

And at the end of a fun introduction to Norwegian drops and slides, it’s never a bad idea to impress your clients by running a trio of classic waterfalls on the Upper Ulla.

Less impressive but just as fun: the annual pimp ‘n’ ho night at the only pub in the Sjoa valley. For some reason, there were far fewer hos here than the last pimp ‘n’ ho night I attended on the Hairy Lemon, Uganda.

Photos by Sarah Nash and Luke Farrington

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