Lompes, Brown Cheese and Jam – Counting Down the Days

It seems like an age since I was last in the land of waterfalls, expensive beer and cheep jam. However it has only been ten months since we left Norway to the tune of “Let’s do this properly next year!”. In less than one month Nick Horwood and I shall be taking Monty back there for a two-month Jam-fest.

And so after three short years at Leeds University, with my finals looming, it seems appropriate to reminisce about our adventures of yesteryear.


Good ol’ Monty! When you’re a student, travelling through Norway, your car is more than just a means for transportation. Mat is enjoying a classic Norwegian delicacy (Bread and Jam) on Monty’s bonnet. With over 350,000 miles on the clock, 2 new engines, and her own nautical satellite navigation system; Monty is the obvious choice for another 2 month in Norge.

One boof too far.

Mat Morrissey goes a boof too far on the Sognal’s triple waterfall combo. These things happen!

Max Bilbow sliding down the first slide on the Upper Jori

The first rapid on the Upper Jori: a fantastic introduction to this run. It definitely looks like I ran the insane portage in the background behind.. so that’s what happened… The Upper Jori is an awesome run, one that Nick and I will be spending a lot of time perfecting this summer.

Slacklining it up at Sjoa Adventure

Ben Durrant looking as elegant as ever on the slack-line. Big thanks to Ed and all the guys at Sjoa Adventure. Slack-lining, Trampolining and the Amot Gorge to play with every day we stayed.

Ben Durrant on the Home Run

Our first point of call this year: Talemark – in particular the Home Run. Loads of waterfalls and loads of fun. Ben Durrant makes it look easy.

Scouting the big one

Another big moment: Adam Dumolo and Sara James get ready to run the 10 metre fall on the Jordiselva. Even tho I had given this one a miss, due to a spot of back trouble, I still found the time to criticize the two of them for not boofing it!

Nick Jordifall

Nick runs the big one on the Jordiselva. If you don’t think it looks like he went over the handlebars… then he didn’t.

Adam and Sara

Adam and Sara enjoy the ferry as we pull into Bergen. I believe Adam was winning the beard competition by this point. Don’t they look happy? Bless.

Gilly on the Brandset

Gilly Turner dominates the competition run on the Brandset(sp?). The plan this year is to train here for the Voss festival. If we still still have any money left, we might even compete!

Longest Tunnel

“I found a tunnel this big!” Mat Morrissey in the long Norwegian long tunnel (accurate translation).

Max Bilbow nearing the bottom of ‘The’ Double Drop

Touching down below ‘The’ Double Drop on the Teig(sp?)selva. This has to be up there with some of the scariest seconds of my life. The first time Adam Dumolo and I saw this one, we knew we’d have to run it. Easier said than done! Depending on how drunk I am: a 8-10 metre drop into a tiny pool… Then a 10-14 metre plummet into a very happy place: Dry clothes and a beer!

Gilly Turner, Ben Durrant, Nick Horwood and Adam Dumolo

Gilly, Ben, Nick and Adam on the mountain pass on the way to Sjoa.

What portage?

Yes it is usually portaged and yes it did hurt but I stand by my belief that a line, which i missed, did exist that morning.

Scrabble in Norway

When beer is too expensive, the evenings are filled with spelling games that i suck at. Although from the looks of it so did everyone else.

Sara on the SFH Slide

Sara James at the top of the super-fun-happy-slide (featured in Jam). The SFH Slide is exactly as it sounds. A fun slide with lines of varying difficulty for all the family. When you’re finished, you can have a wash in the jets at the bottom.

Sunset in Norway.

The sun never really sets during the Norwegian summer. It merely nips behind the nearest mountain in a bid to confuse you into having dinner at 2am. We have definitely been inspired to go exploring rivers in the arctic circle but I’ll say more about that in July.


A Park ‘n’ Huck Session

Jam: a Norwegian Trailer

Another short film

And of course there’s Jam

For more photos and videos visit JamFreeride.blogspot.com

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