Max’s Spring Round-Up 1

It’s been a while since I posted anything of substantial content and yet so much is going on in the world of Max.

Max gives a talk

In March, Adam Dumolo, Chris Easterbrook, Tom Parker and I ran the BCU Student Safety week in Scottland; helping current university canoe/kayak clubs with the important safety and leadership skills that help produce such persistent university bread boaters.

Good times. seen on DVD

Let’s not forget the NSR and the first official DVD released this year.

National Student Rodeo 2008... The Movie!

Plastic Fantastic at the Washburn! Liquid Satisfaction are helping to product the PFAKS DVD for Canoe Kayak magazine.

The Future

So what for the future? What’s my next step? Well it’s going to be quite a relaxed summer for me; only 3 weeks in Norway and 3 weeks in Uganda. A little repetitive but a good rut to be stuck in, yes?

Norway’s a no brainer; not just for the courses Tom and I are running – a continuing Tom Parker Coaching / Liquid Satisfaction venture – but it’s been a while since I had a good creeking hit and Norway is a Mecca for spectacular gnar-boating.

The call of the Nile was not unchallenged by the screaming rationality of my bank balance. However it will be worth it simply for the first time I lead Adam and Tom down Silverback; “It’s just a big wave train” I’ll say nonchalantly, with a look of inane smugness on my face, as they follow me down down deep into hell’s jaws and wonder how long it’s been since they last took a breath.

Means of Production

And then there’s the DVD. That’s right, we’re making a literal DVD that I hope will be at least half as good as Dave Manby‘s Everest DVD.

The film will contain footage from the last 2 years of kayaking around the world and be chock full of extras including a behind the scenes ‘making of’ documentary. View the trailer at

The Real World

And then I have to bite the proverbial bullet and take one small step closer to the real world. On September 1st 2008, I will begin a 1 year PGCE course in Mathematics and Outdoor Education at Bangor University. Not only is this a very exciting course for me to take part in but, living in North Wales, it looks like I will be getting in a fair amount of terrestrial boating over the next academic year!

Photos: Chris Eastabrook, Paul Wilkinson

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