Means of Production: World Premiere

Chris Stevenson introduces the Means of Production Premiere at Leeds University. But before we get started, it’s time to warm up the 140 person strong crowd…

With a friendly game of BINGO! With simply tons of prizes provided by Pyranha, there was much fun had by all.

Once the BINGO! has ended and the film is ready to start, the crowd rush to the toilet leaving Chris alone and ad libbing – desperately stalling for time. But not to worry…

It’s Tom Parker Kamikazi stand-up to the rescue. Dive-bombing with such classics as “Doctor doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains” and “A seal walks into a club”.

And once the general awkwardness is out of the way, and everyone has wiped the tears from their eyes, it’s on with the show; Means of Production in all its glory.

But then what?

Well it’s off to our own private venue in town for cocktails and cigars. A place where you can mingle with all the stars of the film and make informal complaints about the horribly inappropriate bingo calls.

Of course it is important, during any point in the evening, to be able to keep your sponsors happy, as Ms James is clearly aware.

Owen Jackson gets down with a spot of ballroom dancing to impress the new Leeds Uni Freshers.

Finally… a photo my grandmother should be happy with!

Chris Eastabrook (Top Left) is mobbed by doting fans.

All in all the night was a fantastic success with much credit going to LUUCC and in particular: Naibm Stack and Martin Rogers for organising the event.

Also Dave and Shaun Hazel for making sure everything sounded fine and that the bingo and movie screening went down without a hitch.

And obviously all the countless individuals who turned up and made the night one we’ll never forget.

The film is now available from

All photos by Paul Wilkinson. More photos here.

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