MIA in Zambia

OK, so I’ve not really been 100% with the old blog updates but there will be many exciting images to follow once I’ve tracked them down! So… What am I up to?

Max Bilbow running waterfall on number 9, Zambezi

Everyday life in Livingstone I guess: Running no. 9 (commercial suicide) on day one, running kayak schools on day three, winning a medal in the Zambian regatta on day four (OK a bit of a novelty in-between rowing flat water kayak competition but I got to shake hands with the mayor of Livingstone), 7 day descent of the mighty Zambezi on day five.

Since then I’ve been working hard, playing hard or sleeping hard as and when required. Now that I’m fully settled in, and the river is dropping to reveal many exciting new lines and waves, I will be spending my days off collecting video footage and learning new tricks.

I usually like to be more informative than this but slow internet and laziness are looming over me like some kind of big looming machine. So here are 6 interesting facts about the Zambezi:

  1. It’s SO much more exciting yet forgiving than you’d think
  2. The walk out sucks
  3. Boils
  4. Hippos and Crocodiles aren’t a big worry (For the first 30k or so)
  5. Always take out on river left.
  6. YOU should come out here!

So in short: I’m having a lovely time doing coaching and guiding for Sven and theZambezi.com and I hope to report with a few more interesting facts and photos before I come home. Chat soon, get in touch, come visit!

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