MOP is about to go global!

Yes yes… I realise that 2 and a half months ago we were all getting hyped up about the ‘world wide’ premier of Means of Production (and rightly so!)

However VAS Entertainment have taken up the film and will officially  release it world wide this April.

So what does this mean for those of use who’ve already been through all the hype? Well we get to do it all over again, of course!

Over the next month, in the UK alone, MOP will be showing at the Fort William Mountain Festival, Paddlefest and the National Student Rodeo.

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Means of Production 2009 from Max Bilbow on Vimeo.

But we still need your help to raise awareness if this British made production is to become a world wide success. So don’t stop talking about it – especially to your Sri Lanken pen pal – and feel free to embed the above video in your web-site or blog.

You may even want to become a fan (Facebook) and write a review, but most importantly: enjoy the film!

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