#NSR2012 as told by Twitter

On Thursday the 1st of March 2012, I made this announcement on Twitter:

“Anyone attending the #NSR2012 shall have access to the #LiquidSatisfaction Twitter account. Just ask and you shall receive the login details”

“If you have a smartphone, tweet anonymously using the @LiquidSatis Twitter account. Do your worst… Burn my old brand!”

From Thursday afternoon, the story of The National Student Rodeo 2012 had begun… on Twitter:

DISCLAIMER: Most of these are the anonymous tweets of some of the 1100 students at the National Student Rodeo 2012. Some are not for polite eyes…

Friday Morning

 It’s 1.47am the day of the rodeo. If your in bed, that’s rubbish. Team @extremeev are still going for it! #partyhard

@LiquidSatis – 10:58am
Team briefed, #NSR2012 goodie bags about to be packed. Who’s coming?!

The minibuses are all lined up outside the student union ready for #nsr2012

Hope everyone going to the National Student Rodeo enjoys the @MagpieBrewery Real ales on offer! Have fun guys @riverlegacyuk#realale

@IanSmithCME – 6:46pm
Let’s get #NSR2012 trending on the Trent! #PlymouthUniCanoe are getting closer!

@LiquidSatis – 6:47pm
Spreading the #NSR2012 love. With this many people, that’s a lot of love to be spreading. Gonna get messy… @NSR2012Info

@DanDouble2D – 7:01pm
Stuck in traffic on my way into Nottingham, it must be the queue for#NSR2012

Friday Night

@LiquidSatis – 7:17pm
Drinking Lamfresco Bianco at #NSR2012. That’s #LiquidSatisfaction

@R1cmw – 7:22pm
 arrived and ready to party.

@IanSmithCME – 7:56pm
Registering at #NSR2012 with #PlymouthUniCanoe

@Extremeev – 8:27pm
We got here early, got some shipping done and are now going to rocks your socks off. #NSR2012 

@LiquidSatis – 9:36pm
Don’t blame #LiquidSatisfaction for this one #NSR2012 

@JamesjHorton – 10:00pm
Surrey uni have arrived at #nsr2012 !

@studentpaddlers – 10:06pm
@JamesjHorton: Surrey uni have arrived at #nsr2012 !” Get to the bar!!

@extremeev – 10:21pm
If your in the campsite and not down at the party you have already missed the macarena #NSR2012

@extremeev – 10:42pm
It’s coming up to 11pm we are going to start bring out the big songs now. Get to the dancefloor and the bar!!!! #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 10:43pm
Look, no hands! #NSR2012

@JamesjHorton – 10:49pm
Surrey uni have made it to the party tent #nsr2012

@LiquidSatis – 10:53pm
#PlymouthUniCanoe have arrived @ #NSR2012, beer me!

@grimtits – 10:55
if i cant be at #NSR2012 i will be there in the world of social media

@LiquidSatis – 11:41pm
Student boaterX in the alps is happening on the 16th of June (Saturday). Be there or be a dick. #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 11:43pm
Sheffield Uni in the house! #onit#NSR2012

@Extremeev – 11:48pm
Falmouth, Lancaster,Derby, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Lancaster, Loughborough your Unis are doing you proud! #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 12:05am
I’m going to poo on this moth #NSR2012 http://pic.twitter.com/V9RriHB1

@Extremeev – 12:11am
We seem to have lost our #shifty. Anyone seen him? Please point to the dj booth with beer! #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 12:44am
Your party needs you! #NSR2012

@mulrainm – 3:13am
Im in! #nsr2012

@thegift_guitar – 3:21
Glasgow uni arrive at #NSR2012 too late for the party! Tent has a river in it! But still in good spirits!

@LiquidSatis – 5:05am
Wish I had a hangover. That would mean I got some sleep#fuckinghatecamping #soooocold#nsr2012


Saturday Morning

@JamesjHorton – 6:38am
Up far to early, and possibley still drunk #nsr2012

@LiquidSatis – 6:49am
Lovely night in a hotel for the University of DamX faculty staff.#noneofthiscampinglark #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 7:52am
Safety crew are ready to go! #nsr2012

@DaleMears – 8:08am
Oh the decision #NSR2012 or stay in bed? Rodeo it is then!

@LiquidSatis – 8:33am
The luucc girls covering last nights wrongs with glitter #NSR2012

@Extremeev – 8:45am
#NSR2012 Saturday morning is GO!!!! Heats have started and we are spinning some bangers!! #anyoneseenourshifty?

@PLEA_AND_EA (Daz Clarkson) – 9:43am
Students kayaking, I remember the days. #nsr2012 you work shy, bongo playing, birkenstock wearing, blue wkd drinking, hopes for the future.

@IanSmithCME – 9:47am
 glad to see the topo carnage has started on good form.

@LiquidSatis – 10:40am
 tweets are announced over radio system. To get your tweets heard use this account or #NSR2012. Get involved!

@LiquidSatis – 10:42am
Dance harder! Dance the rain away! #NSR2012 #PlymouthUniCanoe

@LiquidSatis – 10:54am
@justinbieber come play at the #NSR2012!

@LiquidSatis – 10:56am
Dancing the rain away at #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 10:58am
Once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever. Dancing the rain away at#NSR2012! Surely this is #LiquidSatisfaction http://yfrog.com/bb69tz

@LiquidSatis – 11:11am
A local has just asked us to turn the volume down! Sorry but we want you to KNOW how much fun we’re having at the #NSR2012 !!

@LiquidSatis – 11:18am
#NSR2012 thanks for the condoms! Got any size large?#PlymouthUniCanoe

@LiquidSatis – 11:32am
The @PyranhaKayaks high five conga at #NSR2012 http://t.co/hMbLVo9H

@LiquidSatis – 11:36am
The #NSR2012#RodeoRabbit was spotted 50 miles away at a different rodeo!

@LiquidSatis – 11:48am
#LiquidSatisfaction isn’t a brand, it’s a community of muppets – sharing, caring, creating and often offending at the #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 12:02pm
Having a #NSR2012 interlude with tea and cake#PlymouthUniCanoe

@LiquidSatis – 12:18pm
Can we have some toilet paper in the porter loos please #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 12:26pm
Oldskool at #NSR2012 !

@LiquidSatis – 12:50pm
Everyone you see in this picture is part of the #NSR2012 safety team gearing up for the women’s novice heats!

@RobOggy – 1:28pm
Time to saddle up and head on over to the rodeo. #NSR2012

@recoilboater – 1:37pm
On my way to #nsr2012 to enjoy the sunshine over Nottingham before returning to my warm house #nocampingforme #cleantoile t#bed gd luck lucc

@LiquidSatis – 2:28pm
Good tunes boys @extremeev #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 2:32pm
Aber Uni cc, clearly the best Uni here #NSR2012

@Simon_Kibble – 2:42pm
Power sleep done. Time to tag in with one of the others from the amazing @extremeev crew at #NSR2012!!!

@LiquidSatis – 2:50pm
Rodeo rabbit is like bugs bunny, just a bit more ethnic #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – pm
#mostnakeduni Nottingham Trent or Sheffield?? #nsr2012

@LiquidSatis – pm
University of DamX students sat their first term papers today, preliminary counts of the results look favourable #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – pm
Here’s the current tone of discussion

@LiquidSatis – pm
My name is max bilbow and my Willy looks like a cheestring. (NOTE: Not actually posted by Max Bilbow)

@LiquidSatis – pm
Drunk already, anyone for sexy time??

@LiquidSatis – pm
Andy turton’s illegitimate, he has got no birth certificate…

@LiquidSatis – pm
If @maxbilbow ever shuts up it will be #aDamRelief (NOTE: Tweeted during my 5 minute talk!)

@LiquidSatis – pm
RT @AlexInHouston: Finish this sentence; If you were to throw the ultimate party, it should definitely have 1100 drunk uk students!

@LiquidSatis – pm
Just burried a can of strongbow……hopefully there will be a stronbow tree in the morning!

@LiquidSatis – pm
Hi @jlwells26 here tweeting and there isn’t 1 girl I don’t fancy here! And they all want me #picknmix

@LiquidSatis – pm
Shout out to the sheffield snake 🙂 love it. @nsr2012

@LiquidSatis – pm
Not the biggest but hitting it hardest #PlymouthUniCanoe

@LiquidSatis – pm
That is how to party #nsr2012 @NSR2012Info #Glasgow #hallam @ShuCanoe


Sunday Morning

@LiquidSatis – am
Good morning nsr2012 from Teesside uni

@extremeev – 9:50am
It all gone a bit delia! “where are you! Where are you!” students assemble! #NSR2012

@charles_blyth – 10:41am
#nsr2012 i win

@JamesjHorton – 10:46am
Nothing like playing on the inlet gate to get ride of a hangover#nsr2012

@LiquidSatis – 10:56am
So any one else get a wet willy last night? My tent leaked as well!#nsr2012

@LiquidSatis – 11:31am
It’s raining sideways at the #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 12:21pm
There is a flying squirrel at the rodeo! #NSR2012

@studentpaddlers – 12:28pm
@LiquidSatis: Just woke up missed my heat 😛 who said nsr was about kayaking #worthit” #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 1:40pm
Topo duo finals are about to start at the looping pool! #NSR2012

@studentpaddlers – 2:26pm
@LiquidSatis: We love the carnage!! We do #nsrsafetyteam @NSR2012Info @studentpaddlers” #NSR2012

@LiquidSatis – 2:30pm
What’s brown and nutty? #NSR2012 #punny

@LiquidSatis – 3:38pm
University of DamX students sat final papers today, all passed with flying colours. Job done, thank you and goodnight. #NSR2012

@extremeev – 4:00pm
Wowzers out of HPP and goodbye to #NSR2012 by 4pm. Records smashed this weekend. Largest rodeo, earliest sunday finish!

@LiquidSatis – 4:02pm
Cheese from @palmequipment resells with the biggest #NSR2012problem of the day

@charles_blyth – 4:15pm
Actually nothing better after 48 hours of partying than a massive fuck off mcdonalds #nsr2012

@studentpaddlers – 4:33pm
Congratulations to all the winners of #NSR2012 all the organisers@NSR2012Info and everyone who took part! Bring on #NSR2013 !!

@flowfree_lowri – 4:49pm
Woop woop, 3rd in the old school event! #NSR2012


NSR 2012 After-thoughts

@DaveStationUK – 6:33pm
Badass weekend at the biggest party in kayaking, #NSR2012Bangor party winners no question…

@Doug_Digby – 6:53pm
The words “Suck this” with an arrow pointing down are funny until you realise it’s a permanent pen. #nsr2012

@joyful791 – 6:58pm
Slightly broken & tired. Entirely worth it. Tomorrow is written off as I have a all day date with my bed #NSR2012 #safetyteamlovescarnage

@LiquidSatis – 7:03pm
What an amazing weekend at #NSR2012 cheers from all at Bangor Uni! Psyched for carnage and beer at #NSR2013 😀

@LiquidSatis – 7:31pm
Hugs to all the #NSR2012 competitors from the Safety Team. We hugged a lot of you on the course, but apologies to anyone we missed.

@Thomas_S_North – 9:32pm
Saw awesome view of fireball over UK whilst at #NSR2012Kayaking+Astronomy=#winning #happycampers

@jlgre2 – 9:47pm
Ah yes. The post-Rodeo chills, shivers, and cramps. #wemeetagain #NSR2012

@dave_p_adams – 10:08pm
Absolutely knackered after a weekend at #NSR2012. Bring on next year’s event!

@FullerNathan – 10:08pm
@maxbilbow loving the speech, I have heard less hallelujah’s at an american church! Praise Max Bilbow! #liquidsatisfaction #NSR2012


@flowfree_lowri – 7:44am
If I’ve been awake all night on the Sun/Mon of #NSR2012 – did I just win the party? @LiquidSatis @studentpaddlers

@IainSmithCME – 8:58am
Who else made it to work/lectures this morning? #NSR2012 @LiquidSatis #takemebacktobed

@FullerNathan – 12:43pm
From my dissertation analysis I have ascertained that data analysis sucks and #NSR2012 is a better way to spend time!


So in Conclusion

Our little social media experiment was a complete success. I personally enjoyed the extra dimension it added to the event and, for those of you who are still avoiding twitter… you will probably still avoid it after reading this little article. I guess you just had to be there ;o)

#NSR2013 still to come – What does #LiquidSatisfaction mean to you?

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