Project for Peace: Inside A Dam Relief

Since we’ve been working here in Uganda, I’ve had many requests to make a video that sums up what A Dam Relief is all about…Well it’s very hard to explain or review one’s own work.

However a young American couple (Even and Cal), working on a video campaign – I think for college – called Project for Peace, came to interview Tom (from Smart FM) am myself about our recent comedy night and A Dam Relief,

Below is the video they made and, if I am totally honest, I do not believe that we could’ve done it better.

These two young budding film-makers have made many balanced videos in East Africa, on a shoe-string budjet.

Check out more of their videos on their YouTube Channel, LVP4P.

The Davis Projects for Peace is a grant program which supports young people to create and implement peace building initiatives. The Lake Victoria Projects for Peace study is an in depth look at how foreign aid relates to peace and violence in the Lake Victoria region. Caroline Crawford and Evan Chartier will spend 2.5 months traveling around Kenya and Uganda speaking with people about how aid and peace relate to each other. Along the way, Cal and Evan will post short video clips of the interviews, commentaries, and discussions they have regarding foreign aid and peace.

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