RMXKit Basic API (public Git)

If anyone fancies collaborating, I’ve been developing this base API for use in C#, C++, Java and Swift projects.

It’s not always consistent across languages at the moment, for a variety of good reasons, but I’ve found it quite useful, particularly when developing games on Unity: https://github.com/maxbilbow/RMXKit

Current status:

  • C# Unity plugin: Working beta (Used with Pro-Crastinate v0.6)
  • C++: Alpha buid – seems to work but not tested in the field.
  • Objective C: Basic functions seem to work (although seems redundant given Apple’s NS library).
  • Java: Unfinished
  • Swift: Unfinished (possibly not needed as NSObject covers a lot of the functionality).

Unity Debug HUD

I’ve found this very useful when debugging. Except when there was a low-level error in the debugging class… that took me 48 hours to find!

Unity Web Player | guisystem

(I love a tidy C++ header file…)

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