Stand-Up Comedy in Uganda

Whenever people ask me, in relation to A Dam Relief, whether I am going to showcase Ugandan culture – not just tourism – I ask “What are you hoping to see?”

Because we are going to show you, along with many other aspects of this brilliant and vibrant developing nation, the present and future of Uganda’s culture.

The following playlist, three short clips from Theatre Labonita‘s weekly comedy night in Kampala, is just a sample of what Ugandan culture means today.

We were lucky enough to be allowed to film last wednesday night, with very modest recording equipment… But on July 6th, we shall be hosting (and filming properly) a stand-up comedy night in Jinja.

Uganda’s comedy scene began roughly 3 years ago and is growing fast… in Gulu (in the north) stand-up is bigger than music!

Watch this space, people.

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