The Journey

The journey from Leeds to Norway was pretty standard; usual faff continued as Nick and I attempted to move out of our student accommodation whilst simultaneously packing Monty with 2 months’ of supplies.



Our ferry, the Queen of Scandinavia, was completing her first Voyage to the ports of Norway.


We haven’t even left British waters and I already need a shave.


After some expensive celebratory whiskey and some mellow guitar playing in our cabin, we went to sleep: dreamy.


Unfortunately the crossing was too rough to go for a swim in the ship’s pool so instead…


We went for a sauna: steamy.


Taking part in a game of BINGO! had proved most rewarding. We won a bottle of Baileys: Creamy.


The Queen of Scandinavia got into Bergen at around 2300. After 3 hours sleep in a lay-by, we drove all the way to Telemark where we then ran the Spanemfossen…



Telemark has generally been very high and scary. More of that later…

All non-blurry photos by Nick Horwood

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