The Path of the Tourist Dollar

The more time I spent talking to people here in Uganda, the more enthusiastic I become – indeed we all become – about the greatness of the evolving concept behind A Dam Relief.

We are working on few exciting projects (video or otherwise) that will help us to achieve our goals, and spread our message, first inside then outside of Uganda.

But instead of making you wait, I have decided to tell you a story that outlines one of the concepts (in this case, tourism) that is behind A Dam Relief.

Here it goes:

A tourist walks into a bar, he places 50,000 Ugandan Shillings on the table and buys a round of Nile Special beers for his friends.

Cut to the end of the night, the bar manager is paying the cleaner 50k for a few days work.

Next we see the cleaner smiling as he purchases some meet from the local market to feed his family that night.

The next day we see the man from the market and his wife. They are handing that 50,000 shillings over to the headmistress of their local school to pay for their children’s school fees.

We now cut to a classroom scene: it is a beautiful day and the children are sitting in the shade of a tree, outside their school being taugt buy their teacher (one who is now earning a reasonable income). An open-top bus full of tourists passes and the children are instantly excited by this spectacle, waving and shouting “JAMBO! JAMBO! JAMBO!”

As the truck carries on, we see it enter the bar in which our story began. The tourists, after a fun day of activities (which have all contributed to the local economy) are parched.

So they hand over another 50,000 shillings note, buy another round of Nile Special beers, as does for the barman who has this evening off work, and the cycle of life and development continues in Uganda.

And the whole time, we were just having fun. A Dam Relief.

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