The Race for Power and Global Stability

If you are not a registered American voter you cannot vote for the US president, even though we know this decision will have implications for the whole world for decades to come.

But for the first time in human history, the whole world is directly or indirectly able to influence American politics.

When George Bush was reelected in 2004, the world stood by and watched helplessly; bemused and betrayed by the American populous. “FOUR MORE YEARS!” read one British headline, accompanied by images of war.

In 2008, America elected its first black president; an intellectual democrat that, longed for by the rest of the world but still we had no influence. Our world changed but not because Americans heard our plea.

Regardless of your views on socialised healthcare, it would not not exist in America if the British populous had not shouted out in defence of the NHS following a very public attack by Obama’s critics.

They claimed that, among other ridiculous things, the NHS was a breeding ground for terrorists.

Note how many dislikes this video has on YouTube.

My point is simply this: In 2009, British people influenced American policy by standing up for the social healthcare system that had been attacked. And America listened.

On January 18th 2012, Wikipedia (along with many other sites) instigated an online “blackout” in protest against US policy. Again, it was not just Americans who influenced that debate; and the people won that particular battle. SOPA and PIPA lost support and did not pass through congress.

Whatever your opinion on the subject of war, politics and America; I will finish with this:

At the beginning of World War 1, historians decided that “The Great War” – not the first to hold that title – needed no be named. In fact, at the time, World War 1 had many names.

Historians at the time decided to call it World War 1 for one simple reason:

Our descendants must understand that the history of the human race is the story of war.

Whoever US voters elect in 2012 will be involved in war. They will lead what is, for at least one more decade, the most powerful country on the planet.

But which type of war are you prepared to accept? And at what cost?

America – Please listen to all of us before casting that vote. We share a mutual destiny.


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