The Show begins to up its game 1

БогородицаSo far on Rattle Media’s new podcast [The Show] we have interviewed a wide variety of guests on issues from smoking, virginity and religion; to euthanasia, employment law and abortion.

However now that the show is finding its feet, its audience, and is growing organically as planed; it is time to tackle more pressing issues and take reach further afield for our guests.

On next week’s show (episode 8 ) we talk to Raymond Lunn. Raymond is an unemployed, graduate, ex-con, ex-offender, Yorkshire lad – on a journey to discover who he is and how he fits into society after being excluded from it.

Raymond is involved with, a site being developed to highlight the issues of rehabilitation from crime within society.

To get a feel for what the show’s about, you can listen to them at

The most recent episode, where we discuss virginity and religion, can be listened to right here, if you like!

Our most popular episode with (today) over 600 listens is episode 6, with Paula Volkmer where we discuss kayaking and employment law and other things…

And our second most popular, and most highly recommended, is episode 5 with Tony Bilbow (presenter on Late Night Line Up in the late 60s). Many interesting tales and opinions here!

We have some very exciting guests planned for the new round of recording, beginning in March, including the LibDem MP for Leed North West, Gref Mulholland. Stay tuned!

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