Upper Ulla – Slides and Sights 4

Once settled in Sjoa, Nick and I are essentially spoiled for white-water. With the Amot gorge literally a stone’s throw from our tent, it can be difficult to leave camp to paddle something else. However we occasionally manage it and the Upper Ulla was at a supreme level!


After hiking in to the Brudesloret waterfall we decided, after much hypothetical musing, that it probably can be run at the right level, by the wrong person. We set off downstream.


The first drop leading into the main slides looks impressive at this level however required less thought than expected. Better to concentrate on catching the next eddie before the slides!


I am trying to get used to Nick’s camera and it’s not often I can produce a half decent photo of him. Unfortunately he still has some work to do on his white water poker-face.


The beauty of the Ulla Slides seems to be that, even at high flows, the lines seem pretty clean and straight forward; even if the holes may look moderately terrifying.


Gaute making the line after the slides. This drop almost too fun. So we ran it again.


I love flying.


By Norwegian standards, a trivial drop. However it fully encapsulates the beauty of kayaking in Norway. Three clean boofs under an enchanting evening sunshine.


A classic comedy kicker before the falls provided much entertainment.


It’s true that most waterfall hungry kayakers who visit Norway will have the obligatory Ulla Falls shot. I don’t see why we should be any different.


And how shall we end our perfect day? With yet another blast down the Amot Gorge of course! No photos yet I’m afraid – it always seems to slip our minds.

Photos by Nick Horwood and Jim Hill

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