Why KONY2012 is harming Uganda 1

KONY2012 is an interesting and persuasive movie BUT… please remember: Uganda is safe – one of the safest countries in Africa. Don’t let Ugandan tourism die because of one man!

Joseph Kony, and the LRA, have been out of Uganda since 2006 and the north has recovered well. The south has been safe for decades.

If you genuinely want to support Ugandans; get a flight booked, get out there and enjoy yourself.

Tourism is an industry like any other and managed correctly it can have an enormous positive effect on people’s lives.

We’re not against bringing war criminals like Joseph Kony to justice; we just don’t want his legacy to put more people off visiting this beautiful and safe country.

A Dam Relief is a project designed to genuinely benefit millions of Ugandans by creating business and opportunity that allows Uganda to stand on its own two feet.

Read our mission statement to find out how!


If you want a longer explanation, read this article.

An educated Ugandan’s response to KONY 2012.

As seen in “Baby Monkey fighting a Kitten” Video

This is me and Esther from the Woman’s Co-operative at Bujagali

One of the professional Ugandan raft guides showing his clients a good time!

A spot of fishing at the Hairy Lemon, near Nazigo (Properly middle of no-where and safe)

Jet boating on the new Bujagali lake.

My good friend Alex on valentines day!

Staff at the Hairy lemon being taught new skills by tourists.

Pure Ugandan humour (I hope!)

And yes… All of the above!

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